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Peterborough, Ontario

Who we are

We are a small non-profit organization that performs musical shows, revues and other entertainment services. Our mandate is to provide paid shows, which in turn supports venues that help raise funds for hospitals, old age homes/seniors complexes, the disabled and other charitable causes and events.

We do this by charging reasonable rates for paid venues at Legions, Clubs, bars and fairs so that we can transfer time and value to charitable causes and events. By applying our methods, paid venues benefit by increasing sales through visibility and attendance. Charitable organizations benefit through the entertainment added-value and the ability to keep all the money they raise for their cause.

We will be traveling from Bracebridge, Ontario to Vancouver, British Columbia, from May 1st, 2009 to October 31st, 2009 and we are trying to arrange our bookings at least one month in advance to give venues time to advertise. We do provide full colour posters in PDF format (Adobe) for ease of printing and to save the venue time and money, and we can add a limited number of details to the poster such as any admission fee you might be charging. We do include the establishment name, address, phone number and date and time for the show.

Our Shows

Our show requires a little bit of space for amps, mixing boards, speakers and lights. A stage is a nice touch, but not necessary as Suzanne moves through the crowd and interacts while performing.

Shania and Stevie Nix tributes are generally about 1 hour with 2 hours of dance music but can go to 4, 5 or even 6 hours at small additional cost. Our sound engineer can also perform David Wilcox, David Bowie, U2, Rolling Stones, Blues Brothers and other artists in case you need more live dance music.

If you would prefer a Karaoke night, afternoon matinee or DJ driven dance music, we can provide those services as well. We have over 11,000 legal songs (original disks, not copies), multi-tray players, karaoke monitors and an excellent Behringer 16 track 800 wrms system with five mics. We can even record singers from our RV/Office as long as we are in the area.

Booking Times

We like to keep Monday to Wednesday afternoons and evenings open for old-age/seniors homes and charitable events but we are available for Legions, Clubs and Bars from Thursday/Friday evenings to Sunday afternoon. We do require booking confirmation by email as we maintain a tight schedule.

Our costs

These are highly dependent on fuel prices and distance between shows, and type of show but generally range between $300 and $700 per show. Extra show time is charged at $75 per hour.

Hope to see you while we are on the road!


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